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Jay-Oh - Long Time Comin'

Long Time Comin' (2023)  

Jay-Oh teams up with King Killumbia to return back to Killumbia Inc. Records to deliver his seventh studio album. Long Time Comin' Includes the singles Drip (Like a Rain Drop), Storyy, Buss It, Long Time Comin', Venezuelans, Back it Up & more. Also features songs with MET G, DhD  & J11.  

2023 Killumbia Inc. Records

Jay-Oh & King Killumbia - Carolina Dreamin'

Carolina Dreamin' (2022) 

Jay-Oh & King Killumbia team up on this collab album to give you the single packed "Carolina Dreamin'". Includes the singles Do What I Want, Addicted, Sex U Up, Diamonds, Hey Girl, Want To & more. Also features songs with Teddy D, MET G, DhD, Natalac, Jayo Kushman & J11. 

2022 Killumbia Inc. Records

Jay-Oh - All I Ever Knew

All I Ever Knew - 2019

All I Ever Knew (2019)

All I Ever Knew is the debut studio album by Jay-Oh off Killumbia Inc. Records. It contained the singles: HDB, I Got It, Wavy & Right Now. Executively Produced by: King Killumbia. The album contains no features.

2019 Killumbia Inc. Records