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J-KIDD is a recording artist from Wyoming, then moving to South Carolina. Coming up influenced by rappers such as Eminem, 50 Cent & more. In 2007 he caught the attention of SC rap legend King Killumbia on Myspace with his album "This is J-KIDD" and was shortly signed to his label (X-Rated Mafia Records).

There He released his debut album Kiddonometry 101 in 2010. Around that time King Killumbia signed to Def Jam artist Lil Ru. During this time KIDD was working on his follow up album "Kiddonomics" but due to Kidd getting caught up in criminal charges, the album was delayed. He went on to finish the album and release several music videos. The album contained hit singles such as My Lane, Styrofoam & Old School.

Over the next few years he released several mixtapes then ultimately take a several year hiatus from his Rap career. Relocating from Carolina to Florida provided my changes

In 2017 J-KIDD & King Killumbia joined back forces & he began working on his third album "Self Made Savage" released in 2019. Which featured tracks from Trey Songz, Pastor Troy & King Killumbia.

Real Name: Jason Michael Paulk  
AKA: Jason Kidd  
Born: March 12, 1988 (Rock Springs, Wyoming)  
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap   
Albums: Self Made Savage, Kiddonomics, Kiddonometry 101, Freestyle King EP, This is J-KIDD  
Record Labels: Killumbia Inc. Records, X-Rated Mafia Records, Konspiracy Records