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DhD Biography

DhD (Dusty Hunter Dial) is a recording artist born in Charleston, SC. Moving to Columbia, SC at the age of 3, he spent most of his early years growing up inside of his uncle's Latin night club, Salsa Cabana. With his uncle being a DJ (DJ Gabriel), he was naturally drawn to and enthralled by music. Inspired by two albums that were polar opposites, The Marshall Mathers LP and Will Smith's Greatest Hits, he wrote his first song at 11 years old. 

He went on to perform his first show under Adelphi Music Group at 15. Two years later he and Marko Hurtt (CEO of Adelphi), ended up being nominated for what they had built as #1 Independent Record Label of 2014 at the South Carolina Music Awards, and the youngest to achieve that feat at the time. 

10 albums and 7 years later, DhD now resides in Chattanooga, TN and is currently signed to Killumbia Inc. Records. His sound is comprised of Trip-Hop beats and alternative rock/rap instrumental mash-ups that make him stand out as a unique and one of a kind addition to the label. 

Currently he is recording his album Stay Lit with features from Bizarre of D12, Pastor Troy, La Chat, Frayser Boy & King Killumbia.

"Do what you love, be happy with it, and stay lit everybody" - DhD

Real Name: Dusty Hunter Dial
Born: November 10, 1996 (Charleston, South Carolina)
Occupation: Musical Artist, Actor 
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap, Trip-Hop
TV Shows: A&E's Beyond Scared Straight